Tuesday, April 25, 2017 – St Mark the Evangelist

Today is the celebration of my 25 years in the priesthood.

25 years full of gifts and friendship with God and my brothers, and all those who supported and helped me in my vocational journey. The grace of friendship is the most amusing and divine experience I have had. These years have also been characterised by persecution, humiliation, and so many difficulties (I lived 20 in Russia, 16 of which in Siberia).

I have lived everything as sinner, with concerns and anxieties, and sometimes I have got depressed because of small faith. My heart fills with joy and happiness when I realize the usefulness of everything that has so far come and when I think about the plans of God for the people I met. Happiness has already crossed the story of my life, but today is so clear and great. Looking back on my life I would like to say two things: 1) Thank you Lord for calling me for what I am and thank you for all graces and friends you have given me. 2) Help me Lord to do your will every day. Forgive me Lord when I did not carry out your will. In your will there is whatever I wish.

I am the educational result of the friends that you have given me.

27 April 2017