About Us

The non-profit Camillo de Lellis Foundation for medical research and innovation was established on 24th November 1999 by a group of doctors – such as local hospital doctors, paediatricians and traditional Chinese medicine experts – and healthcare assistants. The Foundation’s main goal is to encourage the interpretation of the need for health care in its true nature of demand for meaning regarding economic professions, healthcare providers and patients.

Being closely interested in people’s well-being as a whole, the Foundation has always supported medical-scientific initiatives in the field of conventional and nonconventional medicine, emphasizing integration among different forms of medicine.

The Foundation promotes, as a free entity, healthcare services in line with the changing demand and an efficient and responsible use of resources.

The idea underlying the Foundation project is to conceive and develop preventive and curative medical forms on the one hand, to disseminate organisational models for doctors, assistants and laboratory whose activity is evaluated through the results on the other hand. Therefore the eyes are always on the promotion of cultural and educational initiatives, included medical and paramedic training, that can attract both attention and financial support of individuals, companies, public and private institutions of all kinds.

Board of Directors

Dott. Lucio Pippa


Dott. Carlo Caruncio


Dott. Gabriele Congedo


Dott. Alfonso Aielli


Board of Auditors

Tommaso Costantini


Alfonso Di Giamberardino


Fabrizio Ferrati



Don Ubaldo Orlandelli