Chinese medical gymnastics

Camillo de Lellis Foundation in collaboration with Italy Chen Xiaojia (Italian Taijiquan Chen Xiaojia Association) and Tong Yuan (International Tong Yuan Wushu Association) offers Chinese therapeutic gymnastics courses, aimed at teaching both static methods such as Qigong and dynamic methods belonging to ancient Chinese martial art (wushu), in particular traditional styles such as Taijiquan Chen Xiaojia and Baguazhang.

The main features of these techniques are a specific method for aligning breath, postures which change into one another through slow or fast movements, and emotional control: these distinctive characteristics give this art a real therapy dimension.

As the extensive research literature showed, these exercises are suitable for prevention and treatment of rheumatic, cardio-circulatory, respiratory, gynaecological and gastroenteric diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders, and the achievement of physical and mental integrity.

Classes are held in the morning and in the afternoon (from September to July) and include lessons for adults and children aged 10 to 14.

It is required to attendees to make movements without significant functional limitations.

Classes for the 2016-2017 year will begin on 14th September at 6 pm at “Dance Hall Venti ‘04”, via Raiale n. 116 Pescara.

Classes have a lesson per week of 2 hours each.

Office: Fabrizio D’Olimpio, 328 1271288.

Administration: Annafrancesca Marchegiani, 347 1156552.

To download the description of the course please click here.